3 Ways To Speed Up Healing After Divorce

3 Ways To Speed Up Healing After Divorce 

Until you’ve been through a divorce you have no idea how painful and challenging it can be. Many people take years to overcome divorce and sadly for many others, they never fully recover from divorce. 

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The truth is, it doesn’t have to take as long as you may think to recover from divorce and there are ways to speed up healing after divorce. 

Getting the right support can save you wasting precious years of your life doing it the slow way and help you overcome divorce faster, so you can get on with building your new life (and most importantly – make it one you love!).


Here are 3 ways to significantly speed up healing after divorce;


          1. Clear the painful emotions of sadness, depression, fear, hurt, anger, rejection, regret, and loneliness quickly to recover from divorce emotionally, faster.

Easier said than done you might say? Perhaps you’ve been trying to clear the pain and heartache through therapy, taking action and using your willpower and wonder why you are still feeling so much pain and like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. 


One of the biggest reasons it can take people a long time to heal from divorce and get through the grieving process is because they don’t know how to overcome and let go of the painful emotions quickly. They may be doing everything they can to let go of the pain and heartache but the problem is, if they are only working at the conscious level through talking, thinking, analysing, using will power or through traditional therapy – it can be a very slow, frustrating and painful process.  

The key is to work with a therapist, who has the tools to clear the emotions quickly from the deeper subconscious level (because this is where the emotions are actually sitting). Through working at this level and clearing the painful emotions quickly, this will help rapidly speed up the process of healing after divorce. It will also help you let go of the past, move forward, and start building your new life. 

Therapies like NLP, EMDR, and hypnotherapy are incredibly effective in overcoming and recovering from the pain and heartache faster and significantly speed up healing after divorce.

          2. Acceptance is the last stage of the grieving process and it is at this stage where you can start to make peace with what’s happened, accept that it’s happened and from here you can start to move forward. 

Many people get stuck in trying to understand why the separation and divorce happened, looking backwards, getting stuck in blame, regret and sadness, and end up looping in the grieving process, making the healing process harder and slower. 

Stages of the traditional grieving process after divorce: 

  • Stage 1: Grief And Denial
  • Stage 2: Anger
  • Stage 3: Bargaining
  • Stage 4: Depression
  • Stage 5: Acceptance

If you are feeling stuck at any stage of the grieving process, it’s important to get the right support through the help of a professional Divorce Coach and Therapist to get to the acceptance stage as quickly as possible, so you don’t waste precious years feeling stuck in unhappiness and missing out on enjoying life again. 

The faster you can get to a place of acceptance, the sooner you can heal and move forward and start building a wonderful new life after divorce and the good news is, it can be even better than you may be able to imagine right now. 

          3. Create a compelling vision for your new life. Have you heard the saying, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” King James Version of Proverbs 29:18

When you’re feeling the loss of your life as you knew it and feel like your hopes and dreams for the future have been taken away from you, it’s more important than ever to get a new vision for your life and future. 

When you have a compelling and exciting vision to move towards, it will help you let go of the past, avoid getting stuck and keep you moving forward which is so important. This vision will also help you overcome the challenges along the way and help you stay focused on positive things to move towards with new goals and dreams for the future. 

Step out to a time in the future and imagine you are living your best life and have achieved everything you’ve wanted to achieve…what do you see and feel at that stage in the future? Don’t worry about the HOW’s right now, just get a clear vision for what you truly want (your dream life) and see what comes up for you. This is your heart’s desire and it’s all possible for you! 

This new vision will help you heal faster, move forward and start creating your best life after divorce – and make it one you love! 

If you need help with how to overcome divorce faster and building your dream life after divorce, getting the help from a Professional Divorce Coach, can help save you years struggling with pain and heartache and help you start living and enjoying your new life…and the good news is, it really can be even better than you can even imagine right now.

Renae Tate is a Certified Life Coach and Divorce Coach, NLP Practitioner, Psychotherapist* and Clinical Hypnotherapist, that helps people heal faster after divorce and create and start living their dream life and relationship after divorce. https://www.dreamlifeafterdivorce.com/ ph: +61414295373 or renae@dreamlifeafterdivorce.com 



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