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Specialized Divorce Life Coaching

Most people take years to recover from divorce and sadly many people never fully recover, ending up broken, bitter and almost a shell of their former self.The good news is for you it doesn’t have to be this way!

My divorce recovery coaching programs use a unique combination of coaching and therapy, to help you overcome the pain and heartache faster, get your confidence and help you start living your best life after divorce.

With the support of a Divorce Coach and Certified Life Coach, you can save yourself years doing it the slow way, struggling in pain and loneliness and start to feel like the real you again – so you can move forward and enjoy your life again with the love and happiness you truly want and deserve.

Want to Recover Faster From Divorce?

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Are you:

  • Feeling out of control of yourself, your emotions, and your life?
  • Wanting more confidence, strength, and self-worth?
  • Ready for the love and the relationship of your dreams?
  • Wanting to avoid wasting years feeling lonely and recovering the slow way?
  • Ready to take your new life to a whole new level and make it one you love?
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Group Membership Program

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Monthly membership divorce recovery coaching program to help you design your dream life & relationship after divorce

Overcome the pain and heartache, get your strength and confidence with the support of a Divorce Life Coach to recover faster, let go of the past, move forward and create your ideal relationship and dream life after divorce.

Online Divorce Coaching Programs

Design Your Dream Life and Relationship through the VIP Intensive Online Divorce Coaching Programs to live your best life after divorce – sooner!

Working with a Certified Life and Divorce Coach, NLP Practitioner & Psychotherapist* using a range of powerful processes, you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll overcome the heartache and challenges, step into your power and start living a life you truly love again – with the success, love and happiness you truly want.

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1-on-1 Divorce Coaching Programs


1-on-1 personalized programs with a Specialized Divorce Life Coach, to give you rapid results and the tools to attract new love and live your best life after divorce.

Working with a specialized Divorce Life Coach & Psychotherapist, using powerful NLP processes for rapid results and transformation, combined with VIP access to online divorce coaching programs you’ll have life changing results fast, to help you feel happier, stronger and living your dream life and relationship sooner!

Specialized Divorce & Life Coaching

Design your dream life and relationship through specialized therapy and life coaching

Divorce can be a traumatic experience, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to take you years of recovering the slow way. My divorce coaching programs have been designed to help you recover faster, overcome the challenges and build your new life after divorce – and make it one that you truly love!

YES, it is possible to make the rest of your life the best of your life and I am here to show you how each step of the way to get you feeling great again.

Combining personalized one on one and online divorce coaching, therapy and powerful processes, these programs have been designed to help you overcome the pain of divorce faster by quickly clearing the painful emotions, removing the blocks and reprogramming yourself, so you can take your life to a whole new level of success, love and happiness.

These specialized divorce recovery coaching programs will benefit you if you are:

  •  Feeling stuck, lonely and afraid of what the future holds
  • Struggling to deal with the pain and challenges of divorce
  • Feeling like you’ve lost yourself, your confidence and self worth
  • Want to heal your heart and find your joy again
  • Want to get the life and love you truly want this time!

Don’t waste precious years struggling alone and in pain, get the support you need to move forward and start living your best life – and make it better than ever.

Are You Ready To Design Your Dream Life After Divorce?

I know first hand how painful and challenging a divorce can be. Fortunately as a Certified Life Coach, Divorce Coach and Therapist, I had the tools, strategies and awareness to heal faster and took my life to a whole new level after my divorce.

That’s why I am so passionate about sharing this with you and helping you heal faster, find your joy and strength again and help you achieve your dreams – so you too can have the lasting love and happiness that’s just waiting for you!

I use a powerful combination of coaching and therapy to help you let go of the big emotions, so you can get off the emotional roller coaster, get new levels of self worth and confidence and give you the tools to create your new life so you can reach your goals in all areas of life, including your ideal partner and relationship.

At this time of our lives, we don’t want to waste precious time struggling in pain, sadness and loneliness, so why not join me in one of my programs, so I can help you build your dream life and get the lasting love and happiness you truly want and deserve?!

Book a free 15-minute chat to find out how these specialized divorce coaching programs can save you years of pain and heartache, get you ‘unstuck’ and help you find your joy and purpose again OR if you’re ready to get started now, simply choose from online divorce coaching or one on one coaching programs and let’s get started together now!


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