Design Your Dream Relationship After Divorce

Design Your Dream Relationship After Divorce

Attracting a new relationship can be daunting after going through a divorce. Not only is it all new, the world of dating has changed dramatically and can be confusing and scary – especially when you are still healing, co-parenting and finding your feet again. Many people end up settling for someone to fill a void rather than finding what they truly want in a partner and relationship.

Through my coaching programs I will help you:

Avoid the pain and heartbreak of dating

Avoid the risks and pitfalls of online dating

Release the emotions of fear, rejection, hurt and loneliness

Heal your heart from the past and fall in love with yourself again

Get your confidence and strength to get what you truly want

Remove negative patterns and baggage from past relationships

Become your best self so you can attract your ideal partner

Get clear about what you truly want and attract it

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