How To Heal Quickly From Divorce

Divorce hits us on so many levels all at once – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and can even rock us spiritually. 

It can be the hardest time for many people that they will face in life. Some people take years to recover from divorce and many people never fully recover or heal. 

There is a grieving process that is normal to go through when losing a family unit, partner, lover, best friend and a life that will never be the same again. After going through my own divorce it was interesting to hear people’s opinions on how long it should take to recover from divorce. Some people said it would take 20% of the relationship time and other people said even longer!! In a 20 year marriage this is more than 6 years of recovery time and that thought was terrifying for me. 

Often the grieving and healing is also at a time where we are having to build a new life and we obviously want to heal as fast as possible to get through it and get on with our lives. 

There are ways to speed up the healing process to not only get through it – but to be able to create an even more wonderful life in the future. Divorce coaching is one of the ways that can hlp This is where divorce coaching can help you heal and start creating the life of 

  1. Clearing the big emotions like sadness, anger, fear and hurt as well as other emotions or loss, sorrow, guilt, regret and loneliness through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques like Timeline Therapy TM can speed up the healing process dramatically. 
  2. Having a positive mindset and focusing only on new goals for life while changing negative thoughts and beliefs will help with healing and moving forward. 
  3. Finally through forgiveness and closing old doors to the past creates a space for healing and new doors to open to new things and a new start. (please expand)  

Renae Tate is a Divorce Coach that helps people heal quickly after divorce and create their dream life after divorce. 

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