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  • To overcome the pain and heartache of divorce?
  • To get your confidence, self worth and power back?
  • Get the lasting love and relationship you truly want?
  • To let go of the past and start building your new life…one that you love?

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Design Your Dream Life After Divorce

Are you struggling to overcome the pain and challenges of divorce?

Feeling lost, lonely and not sure how to move forward?

Struggling with feelings of sadness, anger, fear and hurt?

Feeling stuck in the past and ready to start building your new life?

This online coaching program will help you recover faster, overcome the challenges and give you the tools to build your new life after divorce…one that you love!

Design Your Dream Relationship After Divorce

Are you feeling lonely, lost and scared of rejection and dating?

Lacking confidence, self love and feeling like you aren’t enough?

Not sure what you really want in a partner or how to find it?

Ready to have the relationship you truly want and deserve?

This online coaching program will help you avoid the heartbreak, overcome the things that hold you back, get your confidence to be your best self and start attracting the relationship you really want.

Includes these Bonus Masterclasses to get you in control and feeling better faster

Overcome Depression After Divorce
Let Go of Guilt After Divorce
The Power of Self Love After Divorce
Attract The Love You Really Want After Divorce
Fill Your Own Cup Up After Divorce
Overcome Anxiety After Divorce
Overcoming Regret After Divorce
Remove the Blocks to New Love

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Start changing your life in your own time from anywhere with a unique combination of coaching and therapy


What to Expect


Specialized Coaching From the Comfort of Your Home


With the Support of a Community


To Help You Overcome the Pain and Recover Faster


Get Your confidence, self worth and strength to move forward


And Start Enjoying your New Life and Love Sooner

What You’ll Get

The group membership program gives you: 

  • The support of a community and new friendships
  • Weekly group breakthrough sessions with Renae (via Zoom)
  • Weekly coaching videos to guide you through this time step by step
  • Weekly transformational audios to reinforce your transformation
  • Your weekly  journal to track your progress and breakthroughs

Join me and a supportive community of people on the same healing journey

How You’ll Benefit

Don’t wait in pain and frustration doing it alone any longer…start your journey to healing and happiness today and watch how quickly your whole life transforms.

This program will help you let go of the pain, get your confidence and clarity for the future so you can start writing a new story for your life…yes it can be so much better than you can imagine right now!

Whether it’s building your new life, attracting new love, a lasting relationship or finding your inner happiness, self-worth, and confidence, this program is designed specifically for you. 

Access the coaching programs from your own time through weekly group breakthrough sessions and online coaching programs to get the support and uncover the secrets to recover faster, get your strength, confidence, and happiness to start creating a life you truly love.

Divorce Life Coach

Is This Program For Me?

These specialized programs will help if you are:

  • Struggling to move forward and start again
  • Overwhelmed with emotion and want to get off the emotional roller coaster
  • Anxious, hurt, depressed, angry, lonely, or feeling lost
  • Lacking confidence, trust, and self-worth
  • Not sure how to get the lasting love and relationship you want
  • Not sure what the future looks like or how to feel happy and fulfilled again

Meet Your Personal Coach

Renae Tate

My personal experience of divorce inspired me to help others through this challenging and traumatic time. Unless you’ve been through it you have no idea how challenging it can be, fortunately for me as a Certified Coach, Psychotherapist*, NLP Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist I had the tools, strategies, and awareness to help me recover quickly and take my life to a whole new level after my divorce. That’s why I am so passionate about sharing this with you giving you the very best coaching tools, therapy, and powerful NLP processes that have never been offered like this before to help you recover faster, get your confidence, self-worth, and tools to build a life you truly love and have the relationship of your dreams. 

I’ve done it for myself and helped hundreds of others. It’s time for you to get the life, love, and future you’ve always wanted. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to glow with self-love and confidence and get excited about your life again. Let me hold your hand on this journey as you step into the new you and your new life! 

I look forward to seeing you on the program.

Design Your Dream Life and Dream Relationship After Divorce

Through this online program your whole life will be transformed as you release pain, let go of the past and step into the new you. It’s time to invest in yourself and your future, so you too can design and start living your dream life.

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Group Membership Program
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  • Weekly group coaching sessions to accelerate your transformation
  • Access to Online Coaching Program (weekly videos, audios & dream life journal)
  • Mini Courses to empower you on your journey

Create Your Dream Life & Relationship One on One VIP Coaching Programs
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  • 3 or 6 month programs with personalized coaching and Breakthrough Sessions for rapid results
  • VIP access to intensive coaching programs using coaching, therapy & NLP
  • Weekly group coaching sessions to accelerate your transformation
  • VIP Access to all Online Coaching Programs (weekly videos, audios & dream life journal)
  • Mini Courses to empower you on your journey

These tried and tested coaching programs have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can cancel anytime, so get started today and start living your best life.

Join the Membership Coaching Program from only $47 a Month & Start Living Your Best Life Now

Start changing your life in your own time from anywhere with a unique combination of coaching and therapy


Our Community and Their Stories of Success

I felt so lost and lonely after my divorce and didn’t know how to overcome the feelings of depression and heartbreak that was so intense. On the program I quickly let go of the sadness, fear and hurt that was causing me so much pain, got out of the depression and started to find myself again. In just 3 months, I have more confidence, inner peace and happy to say I am feeling very positive about my life and future again.



I had almost given up on love, but with Renae’s help it’s finally happened for me! I am in love and couldn’t be happier, but the best part is I have my own confidence and self worth knowing I attracted this, which has removed the fear and insecurity and allowed me to really enjoy the relationship. What a blessing to have this knowledge and life will never be the same again