Podcast Guest

Podcast and Radio Guest

Invite an expert who can share insights on how to overcome the challenges of divorce and create a lasting love and relationship.  

A qualified and experienced life coach, Renae’s own divorce was a life-changing experience. Her journey inspired her to help others create their dream life after the end of a relationship.

As a speaker about all things divorce, overcoming separation and how to create the life and love you truly want after divorce, Renae will leave your audience feeling uplifted and inspired.

Renae’s advice will help listeners to overcome the challenges of a major relationship breakdown and show them how to gain confidence and clarity around the next chapter of their life. Through a unique combination of coaching and therapy, Renae empowers people to transform their lives. 

As a qualified and experienced Divorce Coach, Psychotherapist (Australia), NLP practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Renae works with clients at the conscious and subconscious levels, removing the invisible blocks that hold people back from reaching their full potential and living their best life. 

Her advice and coaching are sought by many who seek new levels of success, love and happiness.

To book Renae as a guest on your podcast or radio show, contact 0414 295 373