The Power of Forgiveness After Divorce

Why would we want to forgive someone that may have hurt us and seems to want to make life a misery for us. Sometimes it can be hard to forgive someone that has hurt us and caused so much pain and sorrow. Perhaps it is even ongoing while co-parenting. There are many reasons why forgiveness is so important during and after divorce. Here the top 3 reasons for forgiveness

  1. Holding onto anger and resentment only hurts us and possibly our children too. When we have anger and resentment it is like drinking the poison and waiting for the other person to die… it is US that suffers not them. Anger and resentment held over the long term has also been linked to cancer and other illnesses. 
  2. When we hold onto anger in our hearts – it blocks the flow of good things coming to us in our lives. A course in miracles says that there is an undeletable file of all the good things life and the universe has to offer us. However if we are holding onto things like anger or resentment – we can block the flow of all the things we want and the good that is lined up for us. 
  3. Forgiveness allows us to heal faster, release the past and to move on. This is  a very important step in moving forward and creating a new life – our dream life after divorce. 

If you want to design your dream life after divorce click here to see how you can heal faster and start living the life of your dreams. 

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